Sunday, November 6, 2011

Up for a REALLY Easy Challenge?

I am not much of a reader. I wish that I was, but I can never seem to sit still long enough. There is always something else that can be done & to be honest, taking care of or doing something for ME that doesn't benefit anyone else (in the immediate sense), is something that I have always had a hard time with. I have many books that I haven't been able to finish, even ones that I REALLY like. So when I decided to go Paleo a few weeks ago, I made a list of all of the great resources that I needed to check out. When I say check out, I mean check out....of the library. For free.

I am trying to make this a new requirement. If I read the whole book, I liked it, & I will use it in someway again...then MAYBE I will buy it. We are actually doing this with video games too. There have been several instances where my son has "liked" a game (in his head), we spent $60 & then within an hour he says, "I wish I didn't get this game. I should have gotten xxxxx". As a single mom on a super tight budget, this is not a sentence that I like to hear.

I found that the libraries available to me have a very small selection of Paleo books. I requested the three that they offer & was put on a wait list for all of them. This does not make an impatient & eager to learn person happy, but I was happy that they are desired enough to find out that 5 people were ahead of me for a particular book. Fortunately for me, the first book that I could get was one of the most popular, highly rated, and an easy read.

The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. This book proved to be an excellent book of basics. I am proud to say that after one extension at the library, I read it in four weeks & will be adding it to my Christmas list. This is a book that I will want to read again & will recommend to anyone considering going Paleo. Robb (we are on a first name basis...even if he doesn't know it yet) basically challenges you to try this only for 30 days. Don't want to jump in feet first? No worries! He goes on step further & offers a plan.

1. Start off with just changing your breakfast for one week.
2. Then lunches for one week.
3. Next you will try breakfast & lunches for one week.
4. Lastly, you will incorporate dinner along with all other meals for one week.

Still don't think you can do it? Really? Let me ask you this.....(I expect to hear your answers.)

* Have you ever had bacon & eggs for breakfast?
* Have you ever eaten a salad with some chicken, shrimp, or grilled fish for lunch?
* Have you ever had some meat or seafood with veggies for dinner?

I am pretty sure that you answered yes to ALL of these questions. I know that you wouldn't dare lie to me. Right? So, you have already eaten "Paleo meals". Robb takes all of the guess work & opportunity for failure out of this for you. He offers meal plans, recipes, exercises, research, & so much more. He lets you start out at a snail's pace & still is confident enough that you will see results.

Based on what I have read over the past few weeks...ok, mainly over the weekend, I will be modifying a few things. I am going totally basic on this one. Following Robb's tips only. Since I have already been eating Paleo, I don't need the slower entry plan. I am already convinced. I have felt the differences. However, I will be switching up a few ingredients, exercises, & may even add an extra hour of sleep at night than I already have. This month I have gone from 6-7 hours/night to 7-8. What a change! I love it!

I realize that this month is Thanksgiving. To be completely honest, it is my FAVORITE food holiday. I am looking forward to eating all of my favorites & I probably won't modify them. Plus, I am a guest again this year so I do not have much control over the menu. Bummer. :)

With that being said.....I don't want to throw out a 30 day challenge & have you all click off the page without a second thought. How about a 7 day challenge? How about a 6 day challenge since this is already Sunday night or Monday (depending on when you see this) & you may need to go to the store? Switch one meal everyday for one week. That's it. Next week you can add another meal or just switch a different meal. Your choice. 

Sounds pretty easy, right? With over 81,000 meal choices you bet it is easy! I would love for you to join me so I can hear all about your journey & how amazing you start to feel. It will keep me going too. I mean, that is why I am help others. I don't need to do this for me. YOU feeling better, looking better & being healthier than you ever have is why I take the time to blog. But hey, maybe none of those things matter to you. Maybe you are 100% totally happy with who you are. 

Up for the challenge? Ready to go? Email me at: I will send you a PDF of the Paleo Food Matrix that was put together by Robb Wolf. If you can't make a change that it is this easy...what else are you going to do? Honestly.

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