Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Give it up already!

Did you know that our taste buds change every ten days? It's true. 

If you have ever given up something for any length of time (that you really wanted to change), you might have found that that food/thing didn't taste the same to you when you tried it again. Well, because it didn't taste the same. 

I can personally vouch for this. I used to crave white carbs ALL of the time. I always said that if they ever came out with the all carb diet, I could stick to it. (There actually is a high carb diet but we will get to that another time.) Anywho, I loved bread, pasta, potatoes, etc. Now that I rarely eat those items, I don't crave them anymore. Certainly not daily. 

I have also found some really great replacements that I don't have to feel guilty about "indulging" on. Brown rice pasta for example.... DELICIOUS. My kids both had seconds & they couldn't even tell that it wasn't regular ole, white, cheap pasta. I even made my own healthy sauce. It went something like this - tomatoes that were going bad in the fridge, garlic, onion, carrot, coconut oil & basil that was getting a little scary. Simmered for two hours, blended & enjoyed! Easy, right? Have you considered that there is most likely a healthy & guilt free version of just about every unhealthy thing that you can think of? 

Have you ever noticed that foods you hated a few years ago, you love now? Yeah, you remember. For me, it was tomatoes. Pizza sauce, yes. Tomatoes, no. I am enjoying tomatoes more & more these days. Once you start eliminating the junk (in all aspects of your life really), you have room to enjoy new & better things. 

So here is my challenge to you. Give up ONE thing for the next 10 days that is not healthy for you. No cheating, no tasting it & try not to think about it. It is only 10 days so you don't have to obsess about missing it. Trust me, I have done this before. I know that your mind is already sabotaging you & you are considering pretending that you never met me or read these words. But wait! You CAN do this. I am here to cheer you on & support you. 

What is it that has a hold on you? Soda, fried food, chocolate, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, etc? Give it up for 10 days. See how you feel. See if you can "live without it". I am here to tell you that you don't need to wait the 10 days to see if you make it. You can AND will. 

If you want to tell us what you have chosen below, please do. Maybe for you, saying it "out loud" defines your commitment. Tomorrow - Day 1 
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