Thursday, August 22, 2013

Committing Suicide?

Have you ever donated money to a "cause" before? I have. Have you ever wondered where that money goes? How much of your dollar actually gets to where it needs to be?

Where SHOULD the money go exactly? Often that money goes to finding a "cure". Well, what if we could prevent getting cancer in the first place? Shouldn't we be pumping money into the AWARENESS of how to prevent getting cancer all together? Not just how to get rid of it. Or, try to get rid of it. Not to mention the effects of chemo. I won't pretend to know what it is like to watch someone go through that. But I have heard enough from loved ones to know that the other way is the better way.

According to the AMA, regardless of whether a person enters a doctor's office at stage 1 or stage 4, less than 30% of patients survive for 5 years when using chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. Therefore, more than 70% DIE. To make things worse, the 5 year survival rate for cancer patients remains unchanged for the last 4 years. So are our donations to these causes really helping anything? Has it ever? I am not sure about you but over 70% of patients dying doesn't sound like a win to me. Not when the answer is so darn easy!

Did you know that eating just 10g of mushrooms a day will reduce a woman's risk of breast cancer by 64%? That is just ONE button mushroom! One a day.

Now add green vegetables & green tea to your daily regimen & you are looking at an 89% reduction in the risk of breast cancer. Why is it that women everywhere do not have this information accessible? Why isn't this on Time magazine or the NY Times......daily? I mean, talk about TRUE awareness efforts.

Let's talk about onions. The highest consumers of onions in their diet see a:

56% reduction in their risk of colon cancer
73% reduction in their risk of ovarian cancer
88% reduction in their risk of esophageal cancer
71% reduction in their risk of prostate cancer
50% reduction in their risk of stomach cancer

What else? What other foods are best to consume for cancer PREVENTION?

Green Vegetables

Now, let's face the facts here. What I am about to say, most of you (including myself) do not want to hear. You will doubt it, ignore it, justify it & maybe even completely close your mind to it. I get it. I was right there with you. But if you really care about your health & the health of your spouse, children, parents, & will start to listen & research for yourself. Don't trust me. Go out & find the information, read it yourself. I am just a vehicle to help get your thinking about the changes that are best for YOUR family. 

Medicine isn't making this problem better but our food choices can. It really is that simple. If there are foods that can help prevent cancer, you can bet that there are foods that help to cause it. Those top 5 foods are:

Animal Products
Stimulants (caffeine)

Yes, I have in the past few months given up meat. Do I still crave it from time to time, sure. Do I give in, almost I never loved milk, thank goodness. But that one is an entire blog post on it's own. Sugar - ah, delicious & addicting sugar. Except for the natural sugar in fruit (which is my primary food & not the kind of sugar I am referring to), I have cut it out. Alcohol, although tough in the occasional situation, I haven't had a drink since Memorial Day. I did love a nice cup of coffee from time to time but green tea can easily replace that one. I can drink it hot or cold & it reduces my risk of breast cancer. That alone tastes better than any cup of coffee ever would. 

I have found that I am extremely passionate about this research. I will be continuing to write about this topic because it needs to be heard. I am reaching an age where getting sick is almost "normal". Screw that! Our health is in our own hands significantly more that we think. For most, they just don't know that there is a better way. For some, you know (well, you all know because I've now opened the door) but you will or already choose to ignore it. 

I am begging you. Please, click on some of the links below, ask questions, watch the movies, & educate yourself. The information that I have shared with you today was shared with me by a doctor. Just because he isn't Dr. Oz (or any other high profile doctor) & on the television in front of you doesn't mean that it isn't accurate information. 

So now that you know, if you just ignore it completely & never even consider for a second that is true. If you continuing eating these foods that are proven to cause cancer....aren't you just committing suicide? Or are you just hoping & praying that you will be in the LESS THAN 30% that survive? Doesn't sound like a good gamble to me.

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