Sunday, June 23, 2013

WHY do I do what I do?

A little over three years ago, I was unexpectedly forced to start my life completely over. I had recently lost a child, relocated to a new town, attempted to build my once thriving real estate career from scratch, and then, divorce. Quite a significant amount of life change in about a six month time period. 

I was once an extremely successful real estate agent. I provided for my family & we lived a pretty decent life. We had enough, had a gorgeous home, nice car, went on vacation, etc. Then life took a few sharp turns.

It was the 14th of the month. Rent was going to be due in two weeks, the car payment was due, we needed food, power, gas, etc. Going into depression & putting my head in the sand was NOT an option. There was no time for denial. I needed to make 

That Monday afternoon I hit the pavement & ultimately was hired at a local restaurant on the beach. Good money at times but it was work! My kids were 9 & 11 & I had never hired babysitters before. I would often have to work from 10am - 11pm. Maybe a lunch in between, maybe coming home for 20 minutes to let the dogs out. 

A few weeks later, I was invited to a Bible study. This woman was a client of my ex & we had only previously met once before. It was raining that night & I just didn't want to go. I was possibly feeling even a little lost at the time. God had given me so many obstacles in such a short time. It didn't appear that life would be getting an easier any time soon. Fortunately, I was invited again the next week & for whatever reason, I decided to go. 

All of the women there that night were a blessing to me. But there was this one woman, Debra, that would become one of my biggest blessings & closest friends. Over the next few weeks I would talk to her & she would give me advice, console me, or even kick me in the rear & tell me what I NEEDED to hear. She ended up offering me a job at her husband's company, that I accepted gratefully. 

About four months after starting this position, I would be able to quit at the restaurant. During those months I would work 9-3, come home to change, work 4-11 & then do it all again. I was exhausted. However, I was starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. 

I was able to stay in our beach house through my hard work, but my car was repossessed & we could no longer go on vacation or do "extra" things. I was just happy to pay bills on time. (I haven't made a late payment in three years.) Telling my kids that I "didn't have the money" was constantly breaking my heart. Kids don't understand the concept of money so they don't realize how much we still really had. We live in a pretty affluent area so we had the worst car, their friends had all of the new electronics, big house, nice clothes, etc. etc. etc. I remember when I was a kid, I always wanted a pair of Jordache jeans & I never got them because we couldn't afford it. I sported Wrangler jeans. We were middle class & those types of things just weren't a necessity. We all want better for our kids, right?

Then an opportunity came along. A gentlemen came into my life, if only for a brief time, to share Zija with me. He did some work on my car & when he gave me back my keys, he also gave me an XM3. I opened it, smelled it, looked at the liquid & wasn't sure I was going to drink it. But I did. It was sweet & tasty, although looked pretty nasty. It was winter time so my co-worker & I would crash around 4pm as it would start turning to evening. We would yawn until we left, after 2-3 cups of coffee a day. I noticed, even on this first day that I wasn't yawning. (Click here to learn about the benefits of moringa -

Over the next few weeks, every time that I would see him, he would offer up another shot of energy to me. He would pepper conversations with how much he made a week or how many customers he had, as well as their amazing stories. In the evenings he would get on conference calls & to show my support, I'd listen too. After one of these calls, ONLY to help him, I asked about becoming a distributor. I had absolutely ZERO interest in starting a business. (Or so I thought.) I mean, I couldn't afford it, I had no time, I am a single mom that works full time, excuse, excuse, excuse. 

I became a distributor on December 5th, 6 months ago today! Since then, my life has completely changed. First, I feel better than I ever have in my life. I am providing my body the nutrition that it needs & it is certainly showing me how much it appreciates it. I am NEVER tired anymore. Six months ago I was waiting for the kids to go to bed at 10pm so that I could. I used to be a night owl. The only way that I would go to bed before midnight was if I was sick. I wake up naturally now & I have never been a morning person. My energy is through the roof. The terrible pain that I was having every few weeks that would have me doubled over in pain, popping muscle relaxers & pain pills (I am NOT a medicine taker) was completely gone. I haven't had a single episode in 6 months. The wrist cracking that had started is gone. No headaches, not even at that time of the month. (sorry guys) My appetite is suppressed & I have very few cravings. Sweets just aren't even good anymore. (Click here to check out my page -

When I started this business it was simply to help someone else & earn enough product for free so that I could afford to use it. That's it. I earned my free product for the next month on my very first day in the business. Which got me thinking, maybe I could and SHOULD do this. So I gave it a shot. 

What I very quickly realized is how many people need Zija & the benefits of moringa in their life. I couldn't name one person that didn't need more energy, suppressed appetite, weight loss, pain relief, better sleep, and of course, we ALL could eat better. I am not even sure that it is possible to get 100% nutrition, every day, without Zija. Click here to watch the Discovery Channel Documentary on moringa -

I used to be jealous of people that found their passion. Until now. I thought that helping people to lose weight was rewarding enough. What about the people that were in pain for YEARS & now they aren't because I introduced them to Zija. Or the woman with MS that has her life back. Or the people that have a better life for their families because I shared an opportunity that was shared with me. I honestly feel at this point that NOT sharing Zija, hurts people. Everyone needs this in their lives. Without doubt. 

In the past six months, my team & I have helped over 590 customers & helped an additional 47 people start their own business. I never say, "I don't have the money for that" anymore. In this short 6 months I scheduled a cruise for the three of us, a trip to Myrtle Beach, a trip to Minnesota, a trip to Salt Lake City and a trip to Charlotte. ALL paid for with my income from my little part time business. I am starting to buy new clothes for myself & have found that I love Ann Taylor Loft. I wouldn't even walk in the store before. I pay my bills when they come in, not when they are due. I can do the things that I have wanted to do for years. While money doesn't buy happiness, it certainly brings a peace of mind that is absolutely priceless. My stress level & worry about finances is completely gone. I am rebuilding my credit by paying off debts from years ago. Not to mention that my kids are getting to see this strong, independent woman who rebuilt herself from nothing to a successful business owner. That is my biggest blessing in all of this! I could go on & on, but I think you get the picture.

If you are looking something to help you get healthier, to feel proud of, to help your family, to rebuild your life, or even to just put groceries on the table or take a vacation this year.....I CAN HELP YOU. Just as I have done it myself. 

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