Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sharing a Secret

This morning I am going to share a secret, is a tip really. A secret just sounded more enticing. I discovered this tip somewhere about a week ago & I had been dying to try it out. If I could remember where I found the info, I would certainly thank them. It is something that I noticed the immediate benefits of. I'll explain in a second.

While I have your undivided attention, I'd like to ask a few things. I am trying to rebuild my real estate career. In doing so, I have created a like page on Facebook since I am nearly at the 5,000 friend limit. Please take a second to either click here or to just "like" me on the handy dandy little box on the left side of this blog. Thank you so much in advance for doing this.

Also, if you enjoy my blogging, please become a follower of this blog. Right now, I feel as if nobody is reading what I am writing. My blogs have been pretty popular in the past but it seems as though healthy living is not as of much interest as I had hoped. So, boost a girl's ego a little if you don't mind. You can also have my updates sent directly to your email within seconds after I publish if you would like. This is how I keep up with most of my favorite bloggers.

Enough housekeeping. I am ready to share the big "secret". A close friend of mine told me about this amazing shredded chicken that she purchased at Cosco several months ago while out of town. How awesome!? Shredded chicken...all ready to go for soups, stews, tacos, fajitas, dinners, or anything else. The bad side? They have added tons of sodium, increased the price, & our Cosco here doesn't even carry it. She asked them to order it at least six months ago & it still hasn't happened.

Last week we grilled some yummy chicken on the grill. I marinated mine in a little extra virgin olive oil, garlic, & onion. I made BBQ for the kids.

Then, I tried out the "secret". I put a chicken breast into my kitchen aid mixer with the paddle attachment. Locked it in place & turned it on medium.

I walked away for about 30 seconds to grab the green beans & when I came back I had this:

Gorgeous, lovely, already shredded up chicken. No more taking the time to cut up chicken for all three of us... no work at all really. The best part, the kids ate more than they usually would. They totally cleaned their plates & both asked for seconds! I couldn't believe it. My kids LOVING chicken. Woo hoo! I have been enjoying the leftovers all week for lunch.

I imagine that you could use a food processor for this but I always worry about the blades & honestly, a food processor has more pieces to clean.

Since we eat chicken several times a week, this tip is going to be a huge time saver for me. Besides, anything that gets the kids to eat more of for me!!!

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Danyiel said...

Ok, that is perfectly shredded and I usually spend forever using two forks to do the same thing. I hear ya on the whole food processor thing way too many parts to clean. Thanks for the secret tip!!!