Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scale Obsessed?

Are you  scale obsessed? Do you have a love/hate relationship with your scale? You love it one day & hate it the next…right? I get it. I’ve been there. Time & time again.

Yesterday was 3 weeks from when I decided to start eating Paleo. I have eaten better in the last three weeks than I ever have in my life. No grains, no sugar, no processed yucky foods, & no alcohol. I have had a clearer mind, slept better, felt amazing & been more positive in my typical daily life. However, the scale hasn’t moved. Well, that is a lie. It moves every day. I drop a half pound one day & then gain it back the next.  So it actually “moves” a lot. Just enough to irritate me & potentially tempting me with getting derailed, giving up or cheating. Sound familiar?

There is a group on Facebook that I have become a member of. They are Paleo eaters & the most amazing support group that I have ever been a part of. There are currently 1390 members & about three weeks ago that number was just a little over 1200. Imagine having a FB page of 1390 friends that ALL live the same lifestyle that you do. Being a part of this group has been an absolute blessing. I rarely spend time on the “regular” FB anymore. You can post a question, statement, picture, need for support, etc. & have 100 (not exaggerating) responses in a few hours. We all keep each other on track as much as we can.

That being said, it was suggested that I just say no to my scale. I was being told over & over again that I was focusing too much on the scale & my worry about it was what was keeping me from losing weight. My rational mind knew that this was somewhat true. I mean, I am watching my calories, all of my macros, & eating the most amazing/clean food. I have a calorie deficit daily so the weight was going to start coming off eventally. Right? But my addiction to the scale had me coming up with excuses. Things like, “well I am not working out yet so it isn’t like my measurements are changing from building muscle”. Everyone & I mean just about EVERYONE told me to put that darn thing away & just keep doing what I was doing. The numbers WILL start to change & then….lookout. Hot body shortly to follow.  Their support, as appreciated as it was, also irritated me. Why? Because it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. Don’t you love when that happens? I don’t baby anyone or sugar coat anything….but when it happens to me…..ugh. I hate it for a day or two & then come to realize that they are right. Honesty means more to me in the end.

I have been clean from the scale for nine days now. I have no idea what is going on in that department. I also incorporated working out MWF of each week. If I choose to do cardio or flexibility exercises on T/TH….great. If not, I am doing something. More than I have been. What I am doing for my workouts will be another post for another day. The point is that I am working out, eating near perfect (better than the suggested 80/20), positive on a daily basis, & I am not letting that negative addiction get into my head every day. Today I feel slimmer & that has made me happy all day. If I got on the scale this morning & I wouldn’t have lost anything…I’d be upset  wouldn’t be strutting my stuff up & down the halls. J Maybe I would justify eating “bad” because I’d convince myself that it won’t matter anyway…like I have in the past. Eating Paleo keeps me satisfied & I really don’t have a desire to cheat. The scale aka my devil is what gets into my head.  For now, I have taken my measurements & will keep track of progess that way.

I will be taking baby steps this time. I am looking to lose 15-20 pounds of fat & gain some much needed muscle. Which would also keep the scale from “appearing” to be my friend at times. Could I lose this weight in 1-2 months…yes. Should I….no. I did a reasonable & much slower plan online & I should hit my goals closer to Valentine’s Day. For the first time in my life, I am totally comfortable with this. Must have something to do with thinking clearer.

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Healthy Curls (aka Cranky Coils) said...

YEAH YOU! Great post! Don't forget to take "before" pics. You'll wish you did if you don't, and it's absolutely the best way to see what's changing... not the scale! DOWN WITH SCALES! SCALE HATERS UNITE! :0P