Thursday, October 27, 2011

It Hurts Sooooooo Good

I have been back in the gym for a full week now. It feels so good. Training on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. Depending on life, plans, social activities, etc…I am okay if my Friday workout happens on Saturday. Friday is my favorite workout so it is one that I will be sure not to miss or go lightly on, just to get done.

It may not seem like much & to be honest, I always felt like I needed to workout more. That three days a week would not be enough. Research is my middle name these days & I came to decide on this workout based what other women are doing that once had similar goals. Now with amazing bodies. 

I also am not doing one hundred different exercises, a million reps, & taking two hours in the gym. Like I used to. Yesterday I did only five different exercises. However, I challenged myself more than I ever had before. I am trying to build muscle, burn fat, & gain strength. I will be lifting heavier & doing less reps. 

For example, I would typically do my chest press on a flat bench with two dumbbells of 10-12lbs in weight. I would do no less than 8 reps & up to 15 depending on who gave me what info to go on. Everyone seems to have their own "opinion" & "expertise" on what you should do. You have to learn who YOU can trust. Yesterday I wanted to see what I was made of. I want to move on from dumbbells & start bench pressing but honestly, I have been afraid that I wouldn't even be able to lift the bar....which is 45lbs. I did a set of 12.5lbs, then 15lbs, then 20lbs! That's right....I doubled what I have been doing for nearly 15 years. Apparently I never pushed myself enough. I only did 6 reps on the 20lbs weights, but 6 reps is my goal. I may try to push myself to 8 if I can, but not over. I'll choose a higher weight if I am capable of continuing. 

I felt AMAZING! Since I only do chest once a week, I am going to try out 20lbs for two sets & then 25lbs for one set. If I can handle that next week....moving on to bench press. Someone is going to start hanging with the big boys. 

I am not going to continue with the chronic cardio that I have been wasting time on in the past either. It will be an addition to my workout or I will do it on a "rest" day. Last night I had some extra time & was on a high from surpassing my expectations so I got on the bike. I rode hard, worked up quite a nice sweat, & still didn't want to stop. Today I have that awesome, slightly sore feeling that lets you know that you did enough & had a great workout. 

What does your workout look like?

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