Monday, April 4, 2011

A New Start

The question these days doesn't seem to be, who has tried is how many diets have you tried? There are so many different options & many of us have tried quite a few, if not all of them. What works for one person may not work for someone else. I have close friends who are extremely successful on diets that most people would heavily criticize. It is about you & what you can do. What you are willing to do. What your commitment level is.

So here I am. It is hard for me to find motivation to be honest. I hate to admit that, but when have I ever held anything back from you all? Getting me to the gym is like pulling teeth. However, once I am there....I could work out forever. It isn't the exercise that I hate, it is simply getting me there. So I have to start somewhere diet.

Enter Shakeology. When I decided to give this a try, I think I was even feeding myself a load of BS. "I can have a shake a day as a meal replacement & I'll lose weight. No effort. Perfect." I tried to convince myself that I would like it when I have hated EVERY other protein shake that I have ever had. Unless of course it contained so much sugar that it should have been illegal. So here I go, wasting all of this money. Because ordering something healthy online = losing weight for certain. Yeah right!

Something was different this time though. From the second that I hit send, I was excited. My package came in & I went straight to the post office to pick it up. I went home & immediately made my first shake. Brandon was in the kitchen with me. We smelled the chocolate Shakeology powder first, because I smell everything new before I taste it. Who's with me? It smelled amazing. Brandon was begging me to let him take the first drink but I knew that we had to do something first...pray. It went a little something like this, "Dear Lord, PLEASE allow me to like this shake. I need this & I need to be excited about it. Amen." Ok, stop laughing at me. I am totally serious. I wanted this, but I was scared of all of my other failures & horrible memories of chalky shakes from the past. So God had two seconds before my lips hit that glass to make sure that I liked it.

Amazing! Those of you that follow me on Facebook or Twitter have already seen a few of my recipes & constant Shakeology discussions going on. This. Is. It. This is what is going to work for me. It already is. Not only am I already losing weight, my digestion is better than it has been my entire adult life, I have increased energy, & I have even (wait for it) worked out five times in the last seven! Holy smokes! I don't dread my shakes, I look forward to them. I even turned down dinner out with friends that I love tonight to go home & have my Shakeology, and I wanted to. Who am I? Hopefully, the new version of myself. A healthier person.

I also want to mention that Brandon was begging me to let him share my shake or make him his own, and was even willing to pay me. He absolutely loved it & hasn't stopped talking about it. He helps me make my shakes & he wants to taste each one. Getting my kids excited about something that is so good for them is a blessing. One that I didn't expect or even consider. Brandon & I will be sitting down this weekend to discuss how we can incorporate Shakeology into his diet. Eating healthier as a family will be an amazing gift.

For the last three years, I have loved & been blessed with every second of your support that you have given to me & to my family. Please join me on this journey as well. Let's do this together. I am excited for myself, my family, & what this can do for all of us. I heart Shakeology!

Want to know more? Start out by watching this video, and stay tuned for my next post/vlog! I can't wait.

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