Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Do you want a sexy…….

Have you ever looked in the mirror & wondered how your legs or booty would look if they were more toned & firm? I am pretty sure that most of us have done this at least once. Ok fine, every day. Well, I have good news for you!

Join our challenge group & end the wonder. This is a 30 day challenge that starts TODAY. I have eliminated all excuses because you do not need any equipment for this challenge, you do not need to belong to a gym & it only takes 10-15 minutes a day. You can do it while you watch TV, listen to 3-4 songs on your iPod, your children are taking a nap, on your lunch break or even sneak into the bathroom for a few seconds of alone time. You CAN do this! Even if you have never worked out before, are completely out of shape, or frequent the gym.

Our FB group is extremely supportive & the more the merrier. Do this challenge with a friend, a partner, a family member, a neighbor, co-worker(s), or even your kids. My 12 & 14 year old LOVED doing this! If you want to surprise your partner, do your workouts without them knowing & see how long it takes them to notice a difference.

Some days we don’t feel like working out, it happens to all of us. But take the 10-15 minutes to invest in yourself. I promise you…..you will feel like a million bucks when you are done & you certainly won’t regret it. But if you skip a work out, you have to double up the next day to get caught up.

Email me NOW (stop contemplating & just DO it) and provide me with your email address so that I can invite you into our private FB group. Remember, invite your friends as well. Aimee@EatingDeliciouslyHealthy.com

Now let’s get to work…….

PS - There is a clear copy of this in the group.
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